Pricing - fisherphotos

Regular Pricing for Portrait Sessions( Non-Senior)

4x6.....$4.00 each

5x7.....$9.00 each

8x10...$14.00 each

11x14...$21.00 each

13x19....$31.00 each

16x20....$ 40.00 each

17x22....$46.00 each

20x30...$55.00 each

Wallets (8 die-cut)  $8.00 each sheet of 8- discounts on larger orders

Additional sizes and products available upon request.

Additional sizes available upon request

Senior Samples


Package A:  $400

(1) 11x14    (3) 8x10's   (8) 5x7's

(10) 4x6's   (100) wallets

(50) customized graduation party invites

(1) Senior Hardcover 8x10 book: includes 20 pages

* invites may be created closer to graduation when a party date is decided



Package B:  $350

(1) 11x14   (2) 8x10's   (6) 5x7's

(8) 4x6's  (80) wallets

(40) graduation invites



Package C: $300

(1) 11x14     (2) 8x10's   (5) 5x7's

(5) 4x6's   (60) wallets



Package D: $250

(2) 8x10's   (5) 5x7's

(5) 4x6's   (40) wallets



** All packages include indoor AND outdoor shooting with unlimited clothing changes. Also includes editing/touchups. Photos will be available for viewing within 7 days and can then be ordered at your own leisure.



*** A $50 deposit is required at time of shooting.


**** Additional pictures may be purchased at a highly discounted rate if necessary.  If not purchasing a package and only individual pictures, there will be a $75 sitting fee. There is NO sitting fee if purchasing a package above.


***** Package A, B, and C may choose 2 different outdoor shooting seasons. If you want summer pics as well as the Fall scenery, no problem. Love the sun....and the snow....we'll make it happen!


Customized action sports posters.....$25  13x19   or $30  16x20

We will come to your team's event(s) and create the most unique looking poster that your team could imagine.

Team discount deals on orders of 12 or more.



Classic car posters....$150

Why pay $250 or more for a generic stock photo background when you can customize and choose any kind of background you want!!

Sports Action

Want the best close-up action shots of your child?  In any sport?  Call us and bring the action closer to you!


$20 charge to come to your team's game or meet and we will cover all your child's moves through the game. You can then purchase prints or a cd with all pics included for an additional $30.  Want me to shoot more than one athlete in the same game?  The $20 can be shared by up to 4 different athletes per game.